Tools for Holistic Teaching & Learning

This book is about teaching the whole creative student with elements not normally found inside the classroom. A Cauldron of Empathy provides tools for teaching and instruction that incorporates storytelling, spirituality, critical creativity, healing work, witnessing, and social justice. It’s about shifting proximities of power to make space for the students in the room. Inside this book you will find woven throughout my story; instruction ideas, community building skills,  and critical creativity activities to use in the classroom, wherever your classroom may be. 

Each section is broken up into the five essential elements of life: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. One is not more important than the other and in order for empathy to develop, these five elements must be present. Academia thrives on separating our spiritual selves from teaching and learning identities because so many of our institutions are run like businesses instead of places of creativity and inquiry. Each section ends with reflection questions and activities that compliment the teaching methods and activities discussed within the section.

This book is written for librarians and educators of all kinds; K-12 as well as community leaders and nonprofits. The activities within this book are applicable wherever teaching and learning takes place. I approach my work through the lenses of holistic teaching, art, and spirituality which ultimately allows for more inclusive teaching and learning spaces. 


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