Samples of My Work


In 2015 I created the To The Front Zine Collection at Simmons University and the Social Justice Student Zine Collection in 2016. Along with collection development, I created marketing materials, led outreach workshops, consulted with public scholars, and successfully embedded zines into course curricula.

In 2019 I created a student-centered, non-circulating zine collection at Salem State University. The main purpose of the zine collection is to highlight student academic work. Along with collection development, I catalogued each zine and wrote summaries and assigned Salem State University specific subject headings. I successfully was able to embed zines into course curricula across multiple academic disciplines.


Since 1993, I have been creating and publishing zines. Throughout the decades I have written several perzine series, some of which I am thankful are out of print! Currently my zines focus around witchcraft as a form of activism and social justice work. 

I  sell my zines on Etsy as well as Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago, Bluestockings Cooperative Bookstore in NYC, and through Sweet Candy Distro in Olympia. 

I also sell and trade my zines at zine fest across the country both in-person and virtually.


I create a variety of art using mediums such as collage, painting, writing, and found objects.

I lead zine workshops for all ages ranging from kids to senior adults at institutions and organizations such as public library, senior housing, and academic classes.

I teach workshops on collage paper making, collage art, oracle cards, spellcrafting as narrative magick, and smashbooking. I am a certified Cosmic Smashbooker. 

All of my art services are hosted by A Heart That Comes True, an organization I founded that financially supported efforts towards suicide awareness and prevention in the LGBTQ+ communities. 

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Specifically for libraries, looking at semantics in classification schemes, cataloging, and microaggressions that happen in the stacks. Strategies on how to teach from an anti-oppressive lens in one-shots and semester/quarter long courses.